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The Ark of the Covenant Expedition & Timket-Festival with Bob Cornuke in Ethiopia

What could be better than combining the ministry of feeding children and fellowship with an expedition that follows the route of the Ark of the Covenant? We will see hippos, alligators, monkeys and have stirring worship at a precious festival called “Timket”. Timket is an important time where many precious needs will be around us. They know this is a time of blessing from Our Father where the generosity of our fellow believer’s also step forward in faith. What a time to be the feet and hands of Jesus! You will have a joyous opportunity to help create a meal of blessing for the fatherless as well as being a part of distribution for Kids Against Hunger.

Our main event visits Axum, Lalibela, Lake Tana, Tana Kirkos and Bahir Dar. The core tour starts at $2,980 including all meals, transfers and adventures!

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January 16-25, 2018 Itinerary at a Glance:

Jan 16: Depart Washington, DC, Dulles at 10:30AM
Jan 17: Axum, ancient Lion of Judah etching
Jan 18: Axum, Timket festival, Stele Square, Saint Mary of Zion (Ark of the Covenant). Afternoon visit to marketplace with Kids Against Hunger.
Jan 19: Axum, Timket festival, Queen of Sheba Palace, tomb of one of the Kings. Special ministry afternoon of blessing with Kids Against Hunger.
Jan 20: Lalibela, Pilgrimage places for “Jerusalem of Africa”, visit UNESCO protected rock hewn churches. Afternoon preparation visit with Kids Against Hunger
Jan 21: Day of service Kids Against Hunger in Lalibela
Jan 22: Bahir Dar, Blue Nile Falls
Jan 23: Tana Kirkos Island
Jan 24: Nile fishing trip, depart this evening
Jan 25: Arrival back in Washington, DC, Dulles 7:30AM