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Kids Against Hunger does not usually ship the meals packaged by volunteers directly to foreign countries. Instead, we rely on the expertise of trustworthy feeding partners whom we have long-standing relationships with and whom we can count on for getting the food safely to its destination.

Kids Against Hunger’s first priority when providing food is always to feed starving children and their families – regardless of race, gender, faith, or other characteristics over which the recipients have no control. This includes those who are starving to death, malnourished, or dying of hunger-related diseases. The second priority is to feed those individuals who are categorized as “hungry”.

When distributing meals, we work with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the destination countries. We rarely form partnerships with foreign government agencies for food shipment purposes because the governments of many of the countries our meals are being shipped to are not reliable, which is part of the reason for the existence of a hunger crisis in the first place. We have had much more success working with NGOs, and – more specifically – we seek out NGOs that offer economic and community development programs for the families being served.

We work closely with our distribution partners – churches and other nonprofit organizations, and U.S. government agencies operating in foreign countries – to manage the distribution of Kids Against Hunger’s meals. Accountability is essential. We seek out organizations that have a proven track record of successfully getting the food to the children, distributing it properly, and being able to handle the responsibilities of a feeding program – all while keeping the food out of the hands of corrupt government officials and criminals. We require our feeding partners to document how they distribute the food and to provide us with testimonials and pictures of the children who receive the meals whenever possible.

We recognize that it is not enough to simply fill people’s stomachs and walk away. It is not enough to just send food. This is why we partner with organizations who promote continued sustainability. What that means is that some of our feeding partners are setting up schools, explaining to local people sustainable farming techniques and ways to improve their health. They administer necessary emergency medicines and educate people about proper hygiene and basic first aid. There are many efforts made to teach the local people how to advance so that they are never on the brink of starvation again. In this context, our food is often used to “jump start” the bodies and minds of severely undernourished children and their families. Only when the most basic need of nutrition is met (leading to an improvement in the overall health of the recipients) are our feeding partners able to assist those people in finding ways to become self-sufficient. Although this can be costly and time-consuming process, we have seen time and time again that it works.

Here are some of the organizations that Kids Against Hunger has worked with since 2011

International Food Distribution

World Help
Lifeline Christian Mission
International Care Ministries
Orphan Grain Train
Lifeline Haiti
America’s Heart
World Missions Outreach
U.S. Navy’s Project Handclasp
Childrens International Lifeline
Great Commission Latin America
Global Community Outreach
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
Samaritan’s International
Salvation Army
Christian World Outreach
Harvest Time International
Second Harvest Food Bank
Childrens Hope Chest
New Generation Haiti Ministries
Operation Blessing Intl.
World Compassion
Alianza Evangelica De Guatemala
Convoy of Hope
Hope for the Hungry
Kids International Ministries
Food for the Poor
Heart to Heart International
Send Hope
New Vision Ministries
Bread for Life
Haiti Health Foundation
Kids Around the World
Samaritan’s Purse
Rotary International

...and many others…

Meal distribution within the USA

Salvation Army
Second Harvest Food Bank
Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
MANNA Food Bank
Feeding South Dakota Backpack Program
Gleaners Food Bank
Midwest Food Bank
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
Crisis Center
SW Iowa Food Bank
NW Indiana Food Bank
Project Help
ECHO Food Shelf
Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners
Burmese Immigrant Program
Pentecostal Church of God
Harvest Time International
E.J. Henderson Youth Foundation
Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma
Thomas County Food Bank
House of Mercy
Interchurch Food Pantry of Johnson County
Bethel Ministry
City of Minneapolis Community Resource Center
Joplin Family Worship Center
Family First Partnership
Lord’s Warehouse
Migrant Workers
Center for People in Need
Heartland Hope Mission
Hunger, Inc.
SugerTree Ministries
Humanitarian Service Project
Christian Community Service Center

...many other local food banks, church food pantries, backpack programs, individuals

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