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1. Do you make your financial information available to the public?

Yes. Please contact us and we will be happy to make them available.

2. How much of my donation is actually used to provide meals for those in need?

Because of Kids Against Hunger’s volunteer-driven program, very little of your contribution is used for administrative and fundraising overhead expenses. In 2013, 89% of your contribution went directly towards our three programs:

a) Food packaging by volunteers,
b) Development and support of food packaging centers, and
c) Food distribution and relationship-building with feeding partners,

5.7% of contributions was used for fundraising efforts (Kids Against Hunger is funded solely through the generosity of our donors), and the remaining 4.6% went towards general and administrative expenses.

Kids Against Hunger operates based on a minimal staffing model to accomplish its mission of eliminating starvation. In 2013, the Kids Against Hunger Headquarters realized a total revenue of 3.3 million Dollars and 5.6 million meals packaged. In addition, the efforts of the organization’s 95 volunteer-based satellites across the U.S. and Canada resulted in another 34.4 million meals packaged. This means that the 40 million meals packaged and shipped by all Kids Against Hunger locations in 2013 (a value of 9.2 million Dollars at $0.25/meal) were produced with staff costs of just 7% of total revenue.

As the corporate office for Kids Against Hunger, our team in Omaha provides central services to our independent satellites across the U.S., including ingredient purchasing and order fulfillment, supplier negotiations, feeding partner relationship-building, informational services, development support, new satellite prospecting, logistics services, and design of marketing and promotional materials. Most of these services are provided at cost or free to the satellites which results in additional overhead cost to Headquarters, but helps the satellites better fulfill their mission. Additionally, we research new satellite locations and do satellite set ups at cost.

Thanks to the support of a strong donor base and growing relationships with corporations, faith-based and civic groups and individuals, Kids Against Hunger has been able to support and expand its program services and to reach a growing number of people in need.

3. Is my donation to Kids Against Hunger tax deductible?

Yes. Kids Against Hunger has been recognized by the State of Nebraska on a state-level and by the Internal Revenue Service on a federal level as being tax exempt (under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) and is approved for tax deductible donations.

4. I made a donation to Kids Against Hunger last year, but have not received a year-end tax receipt. Why?

We acknowledge each donation right away and mail you an acknowledgment within days of receiving your contribution. That letter can serve as your tax receipt at year-end. To keep administrative expenses to a minimum, we do not send additional year-end receipts unless requested by the contributor. To request a year-end donation receipt for tax purposes, please contact our office staff.

For contributions made to Kids Against Hunger via Razoo, Network for Good, Guidestar, MissionFish, or another third party, that third party generally acknowledges the donation and provides a donation receipt to the donor, but we will gladly issue another receipt upon request.

5. Can I make a donation in honor/memory of someone?

Yes. When making your donation through this web site, select “in honor/memory of” in the “Donation is” field and enter the person’s name. Please enter that person’s street address if you would like us notify him/her. Making a donation in honor/memory of someone is optional.

6. What is Kids Against Hunger’s privacy policy?

When Kids Against Hunger is committed to respecting the privacy of our donors. We have developed this privacy policy to ensure our donors that donor information will not be shared with any third party.

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